Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Villain to pay

Jailed villain Johnny Daniels has been ordered to pay £479,000 as part of a seizure of illicit assets that have been accrued by Daniels.  Daniels went down over his arranging the raid on a house that led to a man`s brutal murder.  The fact that Daniels went through £680,000 in four years in a local casino, shows that he had his fingers in numerous pies, and was a successful villain.  He faces a further three and a half years inside if he does not pay up within six months.  He is currently serving thirteen years.  

    Stories are rife about what he was involved in, and the stories are probably true, and it shows that when it comes to out and out villains, he puts in the shade those who trade on reputations for petty crime and street brawling.